The Routes

Registration and Set off

Parking, registration and set off is at at the Croscombe Village Hall and ending at The George Inn, Croscombe (a few minutes walk from the village hall).  The Hall will be manned from 7am until 10am only, but parking and toilets will continue to be available there throughout the day until 9pm.

Routes begin at the Village Hall but check in on finish is at the George Inn. Bicycles may be left with vehicles at the Village Hall but all property is left at the owner’s risk. Bicycles can be brought into the George Inn garden through a rear restricted access gate but again, all unattended equipment is left at the owner’s risk.

MS Cycling Jerseys will be available for purchase on the day. Any preorder interest should be directed to Peter Graham at The George Inn (tel 01749 342306 or

The Routes

There are two routes to choose from, which can be added together to make the Monster Challenge of 100 miles. The first route is 60 km, the other 60 miles. The routes are not marshalled but are marked at turning points only with painted yellow arrows before turns. Riders are strongly advised to view and download their own maps beforehand.

The 60 km Easy Cheddar route is here.  The route is principally on the levels, running from Croscombe, Launcherly, Godney, West Stoughton near Wedmore to Cheddar. After a recommended refreshment / rest station stop at Cheddar (Holly House Tea Rooms opposite the mill ponds) go up Cheddar Gorge and keep going(!) — to Priddy, Hunter’s Lodge outside Priddy, then down the old Bristol Road to Wells and across the Cathedral Green to the Bishop’s Palace and Dulcote and back to Croscombe.

The 60 mile Chewton Challenge route is here. The route covers the same ride to Cheddar as the 60 km route: running from Croscombe, Launcherly, Godney, to West Stoughton near Wedmore and then to Cheddar. After a recommended refreshment / rest station stop at Cheddar (Holly House Tea Rooms opposite the mill ponds) go up Cheddar Gorge and then at the top take the first left towards Charterhouse and the B3134 to Burrington Coombe. At the bottom of the Coombe go right on the A 368 then left to Emily Lane which meanders a pleasant couple of miles to join Blagdon Lane and on to Nepnett Thrubwell (passing Butcombe farm, the site of the original Butcombe Brewery). Heading to join the B 3114 towards Chew Magna go up Pagan’s Hill (!) to the B3130 Winford Road and go through Chew Magna to Bishop Sutton to Litton and on up to West Horrington and Wells. Then do a view of the Cathedral Green to the Bishop’s Palace and follow the route  back to Dulcote and Croscombe.

For the 100 mile route combine both routes together!

How long will it take?

Riding at an average of 10mph/15kph, the routes should take six hours and four hours respectively to complete, or ten hours for the Monster Challenge. Add stoppage for drinks and food and the 60 mile run should be completed in seven hours, the 60 km route in less than five. Cyclists taking on the 100 mile challenge should be prepared for a long time in the saddle or a high average speed!

Drinks / food station

For both rides, there will be a drinks and food station at the bottom of Cheddar Gorge.  This is about half way around the route. The station will be manned by a wheel-chair using MS Society volunteer so please do stop in and say hello.

Post ride entertainment

Refreshments, music, food and possibly even fund-raising frolics will be held at the George Inn throughout the day. Barbecue and great local beers and ciders from noon. Be prepared to enjoy yourself and to raise lots of money for the MS Society.